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Fic: And This Time a Happy Ending - Sel's Universe
Welcome to my mind
Fic: And This Time a Happy Ending
And This Time a Happy Ending

Pairing Cain/Roslin

Disclaimer: sadly the characters don;t belong to me - I'm just playing with them (nicely)
Written for pocketwitchin the Bubbleficathon challenge. The prompt was Roslin/Cain fuzzy bathrobe
This came out differently to my original idea, so I hope you like.
Cain’s history has been rewritten – call it artistic licence. And who says that just cos the cylons think there are 12 models, there are.
Thanks once again to dixgrl78for being the bestest beta and encouraging me.
First there’s the gradual sensation of waking, the fuzzy feeling of simultaneously being nowhere and being the centre of the universe.
            “She’s not responding.”
An intrusion into her world. The realisation of not being alone.
          “She doesn’t want to believe.”
That she had an identity.
          “She can’t believe, not after what she’d done.”
One that she didn’t want.
            “Please. Believe. Come back to us.”
She could hear the emotion in the plea, but the voice had betrayed her.
          “God loves you. I love you. I forgive you.”
But she wouldn’t believe, so she retreated back to the anonymity of the grey.
And nothingness.
Snapshots of a Life More Ordinary
Virgon – The First Sight
She sat alone on a bench, watching crowds of excited skiers heading for the slopes, the beauty of the frozen scenery wasted on her. Today was the day. Decision Day. Whether to follow family tradition and enter the military. Or follow her heart. However you looked at the future, this decision was a classic lose/lose scenario.
Entering the Academy
Pros – proud family, accolades, renowned.
Cons - loss of part of her soul, her identity
Follow her dream
Cons - disowned by her family, or at the very least, disappoint her family.
Pros - keep her soul, her sanity.
“You look lost.”
Normally, that kind of line would have had Helena sending the offender scuttling for cover, except that this occasion she made the mistake of looking up, and meeting concerned green/grey eyes. She’d always believed that the romantic drivel written in bad fiction was just that, but somehow she and the stranger connected; and she found herself being truly honest. “I am.”
“Maybe a hot chocolate would help. There’s a fantastic little shop not too far from here that does wonderful cakes.” As the redhead emphasised the description, her whole face lit up with anticipated pleasure, leaving Cain wondering when she’d lost that ability to take pleasure in the simple things in life. But then Military School frowned on emotional responses.
Unexpectedly, the most important thing on her mind now was getting to know the redhead.
The First Kiss
If you asked her colleagues at Military School to describe her, ruthless, decisive, intelligent, and cold were some of the frequently used words. If only they could see her now, a nervous wreck, debating if she was doing the right thing. Deciding not to join the military was, in comparison, easy.
She’d never really had female friends growing up, her nature and interests more suited to playing with her brothers’ friends, so Laura was quite an eye opener. She’d never understood how girls could chat for hours on end about things until her first conversation with Laura, the conversation that lasted long after the hot chocolate was gone and into the early hours of the morning.
Then they had met again the next day and repeated the pattern until Laura had to return home. But not before giving Helena her address with an invite to drop in any time.
The question was, did she mean it, or was it just one of those holiday things you do, and she never expected Helena to take her invitation up. That the attraction Helena felt was all one sided.
Which was why she was stood on the beach gazing into space. Debating whether to knock on the door. Because if it was just politeness, then she had a feeling it might just leave her devastated.
The small cove was beautiful, just as Laura had described, out of the way, uncrowded, the perfect place to get away to and think. She could see why Laura had bought a flat here, away from the hustle of town. It was worth the commute, in her opinion. The perfect place to delay her decision.
Her attention was caught by a rather large, energetic black scruffy dog bounding along the water’s edge. Followed by a familiar barefoot figure dressed in a revealing sundress, who was splashing through the waves like an excited child.
And the decision was taken from her.
That was a happy tone. Wasn’t it?
“Well, you did invite me?” she managed to sound nonchalant.
“I did.” Laura confirmed, a broad smile lighting her face.
Helena reached out, hand slightly trembling, and gently touched the side of Laura’s face. An intimate gesture given the shortness of their acquaintance, but she needed the reassurance that what she felt was real.
Laura smiled softly, leaning forward brushing a feather-light kiss.
And knew the feeling was real.
Sagittarian – Meeting The Parents
“What are you doing?” Laura’s voice held both confusion and concern.
“Isn’t that obvious?”
“Well, yes. I can see you are packing, I just wanted to know why?”
Helena gave her a ‘what planet are you on’ look. “You are seriously asking that, given the way my family are behaving?”
“They’re just concerned about you, give them some time. Look at it from their point of view. You’ve given up a career that you’ve been working most of your life toward. Moved to another planet with someone you’ve not known that long. It’s a lot for them to take in.”
Helena flopped back onto the bed. “Why do you have to be so frakking understanding?” she accused. Paying heed to the small voice in her head that was pointing out that in the family stakes Laura only had her mother and that was a fairly strained relationship, she managed not to go on the offensive.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
“It’s not. Well at least it’s not when it involves me.” Truly, considering the ups and downs starting this relationship, it was testament to Laura’s understanding nature that they were at this point. “But seeing everyone’s point of view is frustrating.”
“Probably because you’re used to seeing things in black and white. Orders are orders. There is no grey in the military. Sadly real life is pretty much all shades of grey.”
“But what?” Laura asked, hands on hips giving her a ‘think about it’ look.
Helena rolled her eyes in imitation of her lover. “Just because you’re right doesn’t mean I have to admit it.” Then looked suspiciously at the redhead as she moved to the bed. Sometimes pillows had been known to mysteriously fly across the room at her in arguments. There were times that Ms Roslin acted the age of her students.
Which was a good thing, Helena decided watching the smirk that briefly crossed Laura’s face, and feeling a matching predatory grin finding its way onto hers. This was new to her, this freedom to have fun, to play. The revelation that sex was funny and you could laugh at yourself and your partner. And that life was good.
Very good.
Shopping Trip
Laura looked suspiciously at the few items Helena had piled into her trolley. In her opinion, there was something just wrong about a product where there was more nutritional content in the packet than in the snack.
She didn’t want to seem snobbish, and had given in mostly graciously to the ubiquitous noodles that Helena seemed to want with every meal. But pop tarts? Even the name was wrong.
But she had managed to persuade her lover that vegetables weren’t demon sent and could actually taste nice. It had taken a lot of time and patience. Much like when she was adopted by Jas, persuading him to trust her had been a long drawn out process.
Both of them had strong personalities and living together had proved quite a difficult adjustment. Well worth it, but there were times neither of them could, or would compromise. And that always ended in a fight. Helena had learned not to storm out, and Laura had learned to give some ground. And bit by bit, life became better. Theirs. Instead of Laura and Helena’s.
And the making up after the fight was often inspired. So much so that if she didn’t know better, she would say that Helena initiated the occasional argument just so they could make up.
“What did the pop tarts do to you?” Helena’s voice was amused. It wasn’t often you caught Laura in public with ‘that’ expression.
Laura gave her a predatory smirk. “Memories.” She said decisively. “And the need to make more.”
“Ooh. Really? Tell me more.”
Laura tossed the box back into the cart “I think” she said thoughtfully, “I would prefer to show you.”
And the cart was left abandoned mid aisle.
Saving Water
Laura was singing softly to herself, as was her wont in the shower, a hold over from her childhood when 3 siblings and no lock on the door meant letting people know you were there.
And necessity had become a habit.
And then a way of remembering them.
Caught up in planning the next weeks lesson, she failed to hear the bathroom door open and the first indication she had of Helena coming home, was a being pounced on by a fully clothed Helena.
“Gods, Helena, are you trying to give me heart failure.”
“Only in a good way.”
"Riiight." Laura managed a lot of sarcasm for one word.
Helena gave a pretty creditable pout, she'd obviously been practicing. "I suppose you want me to go away."
"And drip water from those soaking wet clothes all over the house, I think not."
"So what do you suggest I do?" Helena asked while helpfully soaping Laura.
"I've already..." Laura started before being reminded of why sharing a shower was a really good thing. "Clothes. Off. Now."
"By your command." that kind of order, she had no problem obeying.
And the water ran cold long before either of them noticed.
Home Life
Helena walked into their home, surprised to find it in total silence. Laura usually filled it with music. It was always the first thing she did coming in of an evening.
Walking through the house she found Laura curled up, a fuzzy pink bathrobe wrapped round her. That was not a good sign. Laura only ever wore that when she felt ill.
Reaching for the light switch she was stopped by a pathetic, “Please don’t.”
“Headache?” That would explain the pale and interesting look.
Laura nodded carefully.
“Have you taken anything?”
“Good girl.” Helena felt Laura’s forehead. It was a little hot, but not worryingly so. “Stay there hun.”
Well that was a testament to how bad Laura felt that she didn’t protest the endearment.
It wasn’t often she got a chance to play Mother Hen. And to be quite frank, it wasn’t really part of her nature. Usually sick people sent her heading for cover. But it must be love, because sick Laura bought out all her protective urges.
Humming softly to herself she headed to the kitchen, usually Laura’s domain and headed to the herbal blends. She might not buy into Laura’s hippy theories, but Laura liked the teas. Reading the back of the packets she found one that purported to be good for headaches and put the kettle on.
While she waited for it to boil she tracked down Mr Muffey, the purple snake filled with grain that could be heated in the microwave. Successfully multi-tasking she heated it and prepared the tea. Draping him casually over her shoulder she sauntered back to her patient.
“Drink this.”
Laura gave her a slight glare at the order she put in her voice, but with sick Laura you had to be positive else she just ignored you.
Another sign she was not well, she obediently took the drink and started to sip it. Strategically placing Mr Muffey round Laura’s shoulders, she eased herself into a seating position behind Laura and pulled her into a half hug, gently stroking her hair.
What Could Have Been
Laura finished her coffee and looked worriedly at her watch. Helena was fifteen minutes late. And that was like saying the sun hadn’t risen. It was practically a sign of the apocalypse. As she debated making a phone call to check Helena was alright a figure slid elegantly into the seat opposite her.
“Dr Roslin, how nice to see you again.”
Laura found one eyebrow rising at the man’s presumption. Usually, it was courteous to ask permission before sitting. “To what do I owe this pleasure, Mr Mayor?”
Richard Adar gave her his best sincere smile, one he’d patently practised in front of a mirror. “”Call me Richard.” Then, catching her look, he added sheepishly, “Sorry, force of habit from campaigning.” And Laura found herself remembering why she’d volunteered to help the campaign. Beneath the cultured politician was a human being who cared. And that was pretty rare in politics.
She smiled, acknowledging his words, “Richard.”
“We, that is, I need an advisor in my cabinet on education. And unless I’m mistaken, given some of the ‘debates’ you had with my assistant, you have a passion for the subject that I would like to use.”
“That’s..” Laura sought for a response, “honest.”
“You mean for a politician?”
Laura nodded.
“I have the feeling you would not appreciate anything else.”
Laura swallowed imperceptibly as he gave her his full attention, not hiding his interest.
Before she could come up with a coherent response, a hand reached from behind her, caressing the side of her neck. A lover’s touch she would recognise anywhere.
“You’re late.” She said accusingly, all thought of the man opposite gone as quickly as it came.
“With good reason.”
Laura twisted in her seat so she could see Helena’s face and found her expression matched the cat that caught the canary tone in her voice.
“Oh, do tell?”
“Not here, I have champagne chilling at home.”
Her attention fully on Helena, she jumped when a card was placed in her hand.
“I can see you two have things to talk about, so I’ll make myself scarce. But please contact my office about the position.” Richard gave them both the full megawatt smile. “Nice to meet you..?” he asked, holding his hand out.
“Helena Cain.” Realising his intentions toward Laura were not strictly business, Helena flexed well toned muscles in warning and was gratified when he hid a slight wince.
Laura watched him walk away, a strange sensation of loss drifting over her. Then Helena pulled her into an unexpected PDA.
He ran his hands gently over the glowing orbs, checking on his children.
In one, Sharon Agathon played with her daughter, her adoring husband looking on, content smile lighting his face.
Another housed the curious Three, happy at knowing all, talking with the Final Five, as she termed them.
His fragile Six, who only wanted to be loved, shared a bed with her faithful Gaius, who worshiped and adored her.
In another, Leoban smiled cruelly, knife tracing a line down Laura Roslin's back, before leaning forward to lick the blood off her. 
Hundreds of orbs surrounded him, each one precious and different. Brother Cavil, preaching to human converts. Or presiding over the annihilation of the human race.
Sometimes his children were too damaged to survive. Sometimes they were too dangerous to leave unguarded.
But he loved all his children, so for each he made their paradise, a place where they could be truly happy away from the cares of reality.

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dixgrl78 From: dixgrl78 Date: March 30th, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
you made me like Cain. I repeat, you made me like CAIN! only you could make me like Cain. *shakes head* you and Laura are dangerous. must watch out for you both. :D love this. is great the way you capture Laura. And make me like Cain.
mary_me11 From: mary_me11 Date: March 31st, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
I never liked Laura/Kara stories, but I like this one. Maybe because I didn’t see Razor yet…I kind of like Cain. At least I like her better than all of the cylons (except Tigh and Tory of course) and the Kara/Lee group.
And the Laura/Cain/Adar part was the highlight of this story. I’m just not sure if I understood the Epilogue right and what is an “unexpected PDA”?
lullabymoon From: lullabymoon Date: April 1st, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
I really enjoyed this. It's well written and you make me see a different side to Cain. Plus, they are so cute together when they aren't struggling for domination :D
From: projectcyborg Date: April 3rd, 2008 03:49 am (UTC) (Link)
aeonian and I have a running joke about how "Cain just wants to snuggle," and her underlying desire and capacity for simple happiness definitely came through in your AU. also, this only reinforces the case that Laura = completely irresistible! I have no doubt that, if she set her mind to it, she could convince Cain to give up the life she'd always known.
From: risada_nasal Date: May 4th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC) (Link)
I always wondered how human-Cain would be like. I like her (her monster way of living and all) and became very sad when she died, I always thought she could stay a little more at the party to annoy Roslin and Adama.
You wrote a cute fic. But. What was this epiloge!?
obsessive_a101 From: obsessive_a101 Date: July 2nd, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
I usually have trouble with reading this pairing, but you had me enjoying it immensely... (^_^) Woah.
arkady_ From: arkady_ Date: January 12th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I loved this fic. I love the pictures of them being happy, different people than who we know loving each other on the colonies.

Thanks for writing and sharing it. =)
7 Landfalls or Make Landfall